Wasteland 2

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Wasteland 2
Wasteland2 image.jpg
Developers inXile Entertainment
Publishers inXile Entertainment
Release Date October 2013NA
Genre Role-playing Game
Modes Single player
Platforms Windows
Wasteland 2 is an the upcoming sequel to the 1988 Role-playing game Wasteland. The game was founded under a Kickstarter project with the aim of raising the target of $900,000USD; the target was reached within the first 42 hours of the project being put up on Kickstarter. As of June 10, 2013 the project as so far raised over $2,930,000USD[1]. It is being developed by inXile Entertainment with a team of designers from the original Wasteland game.[2]


[edit] Plot

Wasteland 2 begins fifteen years after the events of Wasteland. As a team of Desert Rangers, you've vowed to restore order and justice in a land where there is none …but first you must survive. The wastes are expansive and unforgiving. The lack of water, intense heat, and zones of flesh-melting radiation are the least of your problems. Roving gangs, fanatical survivalists, twisted cultists, relentless synthetics and bizarre mutated creatures inhabit these lands, posing threats at every turn.[3][4]

[edit] Development

[edit] Developers

Brian Fargo Producer
Alan Pavlish Designer
Ken St. Andre Designer
Michael A. Stackpole Designer
Liz Danforth Designer
Mark Morgan Composer
Jason Anderson Creative Director
Andrée Wallin Concept Artist[5]
Chris Avellone Designer

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